Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Invisible Jobs

On Sunday, I subbed for our regular parish organist, which I do from time to time. 

As I got to page 3 of the Gloria, I realized I was looking at page 3 of the Holy, Holy.  Oops!  The rest of the parish and choir continued on for a few lines until I found the right page and finished the song.

After mass, I mentioned it to David. He answered that he didn't want to say he hadn't noticed.  The piano is something you aren't supposed to notice. That's a good thing, right? And, he continued, come to think of it--that's what I do every day--jobs that people aren't supposed to notice.  He was absolutely right. It's not a bad thing . . . it's just what it is. 

Everyone expects the piano to play the background music--and they only really notice it if it stops or if it plays at the wrong time. 

Everyone wants a clean house and clean laundry, but they only notice if the floor is sticky or they are missing socks. (This has happened a few times these past few weeks as my focus was on painting instead of laundry!) 

Everyone wants a warm meal on the table at the appropriate time. If that doesn't happen, something is terribly wrong. . . or mom is in Aberdeen running errands. :)

Everyone wants my children to behave in public. But it reflects on me when they don't.

Everyone wants an error-free newspaper, and they don't notice the 50+ things the other proof reader and I catch each week. They notice the one we missed.

I'm not complaining because I really love all that I do. (Have I mentioned I am currently living my dream job--a stay-at-home mom with kids in school?  Life isn't any less busy, but it is pretty sweet right now.) :)  

There are so many jobs people do behind the scenes that keep our world running smoothly. I know I overlook these people and the jobs they do all of the time. Let's work at being more attentive and thank them for the talents they provide. :)

Monday, October 8, 2018


This is how we do September and October . . . marching band, cross country, volleyball skills, homecoming, junior high football, high school football, and lots of fun along the way!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Pray for us.

As the news of the abuse scandals cover our news and social media and numbers grow worse day after day, it can be easy for us all to despair. 

If you ask me how I feel about these revelations that are finally coming to light, I ask you in return, "What are you truly asking me?" 

Are you asking me how I feel about unspeakable, horrendous abuse and corruption? 

Or are you asking me how I feel about the Catholic Church?  

I hope you would know my answer to the first question. 

And, I hope you would know my answer to the second as well. If you do not, here is my answer:

It is truly unsettling that such evil existed, and was tolerated, for so long in a place that should be safe in this world. 
In turn, it is equally unsettling that the revelation of this evil now potentially has the power to drive a deeper wedge into Christ's Christian Church on earth, and so Satan's work has the opportunity to continue in a different way.

I don't know if you realize this, but if you are Christian, we are on the same team.

If a member of your team discovers a cancer has been overtaking his or her own body, through no fault of their own, how do you respond?

With condemnation?

Or do you show compassion and pray for them to aid in their healing?

As Catholics and Christians, we should be grateful that this evil has been brought to light. It can only be eradicated in the light. The Catholic Church on earth will become smaller, but it will become brighter. And I will still be here, either in the Church Militant, the Church Penitent, or the Church Triumphant, when it does. 

Please keep our priests in your prayers. The thousands of good men who have sacrificed and devoted their lives to honestly and wholeheartedly shepherd Christ's Church are now weighted down by the burden of horrible sins committed by others. These holy men don't deserve your condemnation, suspicion or criticism. They urgently need your prayers.

Likewise, please keep your Catholic brothers and sisters in your prayers. We are hurting so much. But for those of us who are Catholic for the reasons above, we love the Catholic Church. Although many may choose to leave, those of us whose faith is in Jesus and the Sacraments, we are not looking for a place to escape. We know we are Catholic at this time and placed in this generation so that we can help the Church we love with all our hearts to shine brighter after this time of painful purification.

And it will.

 I ask you to help in our healing.

For my Catholic friends, I urge you not to despair. 

To quote a great priest who now enjoys eternal life, "The choice is yours. Choose well."
-Fr. Todd Reitmeyer

"Clean Heart" by Matt Maher

Woke up this morning
The whole world was yelling
I wish I was dreaming
Of all that we've been through
My soul has been searching
For some deeper meaning
I know there's a kindness
That leads me to the truth

When everybody's looking for another fight
When trouble's on the rise, no end in sight
Oh Savior, won't You come and make the wrong things right
Let me be the place You start
Give me a clean heart

What is forgiveness if it isn’t given
We measure our mercy
When mercy is a flood
Give us a vision
Your eyes of compassion
In all this division
May we be known by our love

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Back to School

We have a Freshman this year! It's taken me all summer to come to grips with that fact, and I'm not totally sure I've accepted it yet. :)

Nathan is in 7th grade. He leaves early every morning for cross country practice this time of year. 

Teresa is in 5th grade and excited to have Mr. Rozell as her teacher this year.

Rachel is in 1st grade and her teacher is Mrs. Hughes. She learned to ride a two-wheel bike just a few days before school started and a couple of her kittens will even willingly ride in her basket!

The girls made a Back-to-School cake to celebrate the occasion.

And then they were off!


So long, summer!
It was a good one . . . one of the best, I would say, even though I spent it mostly in the car! 
The NW Midgets came in 2nd in the End of Season Tournament in a thriller of a Championship game. It was a good summer for these boys, as they were undefeated in their regular season.

Then came wheat harvest!

One night in August, I was treated to a concert by my youngest three. They spent the day making their CD covers and everything that goes with a concert.

Landen played in his first varsity football game the Friday before school started. 
The next day, we traveled to Minnesota to spend time with cousins and go to their church's planned Michael W. Smith Concert. Rain threatened the event all day and came within a mile or two, but God answered many prayers and it held off until after the concert. 
Jacob Daniel (above) was another singer we were looking forward to see that day. He is a friend of our friends in Sioux Falls and a youth pastor at his church. He has recorded a couple of CD's, and you can find his music on Amazon, too. :)
 Right before the concert, my sister-in-law Angela sent me these photos from backstage. 
Teresa was very excited to get to meet Michael W. Smith and get his autograph.

And with that, we left reminded that we have God to help us fight our battles as we prepared to enter another school year!